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Regular Pest Control Cockroach pest control

What is normal pest control? In Palmetto pest control can be a major concern for residents. Far from being just disgusting and annoying, pests like termites, cockroaches, ants and mice can be harmful to homeowners in Florida. It seems that there are some homes and businesses that face wave after wave of invasion from pests such as rodents, bed bugs, cockroach, ants, and spiders. This continual onslaught adds up to big money. 

Service to terminate theses issues varies based on the type of service and size of the job. The longer you wait to call a professional exterminator, the longer these pests may pose a health risk. Contact All American Pest Services to get a solution tailored to your specific problem. No matter the size of your infestation, All American Pest Services can eliminate the problem.


Palmetto, FL, is a great place to live. The sun, the fun, the lifestyle, it all seems like your dream come true for a happy life. Except for one nightmarish reality: Pests! Palmetto, Florida, isn’t exactly cool enough to keep pests inside their hidey-hole for too long.

The climate here is often sweltering hot, which means that pests find it best to roam about in the open air and catch all the breeze they can. You may not exactly be against the ecosystem, but let’s face it; pests can be a huge bane to live with.

Common Pests in Palmetto, FL

You’ll find a fair share of pests here. Some bite, some are venomous, and some others can scare you witless even if they don’t do anything else! If you’re new to Palmetto, FL, and don’t know what kinds of house pests FL to expect, here’s a list to keep you forewarned!

Palmetto Bug

They’re those huge ‘cockroaches’ you might have seen before somewhere, only that they’re not actually cockroaches.


Parasitic arachnids whose bites are usually harmless, but every once in a while, they may infect you with the bacteria they’re carrying, such as Lyme disease or mountain fever.


One wasp may be passable, but these generally fly in herds. Their bites can cause large, red swelling.


With their hard, shiny shells, they’re almost impossible to swat away. Their bites are harmless, but their presence is still a nuisance.

Mole cricket

An insect that’s halfway between a mole and a cricket. If you have a lawn, then these are its worst enemies!


These timid-looking insects do not harm humans, but they can suck the juices right out of your plants’ leaves, turning them yellow and dehydrated!

Fire ant

There are various species of these red fire ants. Some have a bite powerful enough to kill or at least permanently maim humans!

Carpenter ants

They’re some of the most common and the most powerful and species of all of the pests in Palmetto, FL. They carve through the wood to build their nests!


Termites are an ally of carpenter ants. They’re just as capable of wreaking havoc on your furniture!


The biggest of Palmetto pests, as well as the fastest, sneakiest, and scariest!


Even though fleas live on mammals, they may spare you that horror. They’ll still bite you, though, so they’re just as unwelcome as the rest.


Silverfish and flightless insects that look like minuscule, distant relatives of lobsters. They feed on starchy items, as well as books, stored food, and clothing.


Thrips are vicious winged plant predators. They mostly throng around blue and yellow colors.


Cockroaches, such as German ones, are common across Palmetto, FL. Many are harmless, but some can still be an annoyance.

Cimex lectularius

Aka bedbug. These are horrendous guests to many beds in Palmetto and find your blood quite suitable for their appetite. They breed at an incredible rate, so you may want to get rid of them at first sight!

Reasons to Choose All American Pest Services as your Professional Pest Removal Company

Scared of this extensive list? Fair enough. However, that’s no excuse to fear Palmetto, FL! Pests are all around the world, so getting scared won’t help. Instead, you can opt to call a AA Pest Services for professional pest removal in Palmetto, FL, to give your house a deep clean from all the pests. All American Pest Services serves all of Palmetto, Sarasota, and the surrounding areas. Give us a call today at 941-202-9270

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Our services are comprehensive and our prices are affordable. We offer a free evaluation and a treatment plan. We offer many types of pest control to effectively kill pest on contact and a time-release system that keeps your home protected between visits. Our services are flexible and our plans offer comprehensive coverage for both homeowners and commercial properties.

Call now for a free quote for your home or for identification and treatment options for pest management. We happily provide customized quotes for businesses across all industries.

Be safe, not sorry. Contact All American Pest Service if you are in the Sarasota area to check out your pest problem. Our technicians look at possible trouble spots closely to make sure you get a thorough inspection. 


Getting professional pest control experts to look into the potential pest problems in your house will also help you if you’re already living in a pest-invested house! At All American Pest Services, we are your local pest control company in your area. We provide comprehensive pest control services throughout Sarasota and Manatee County.

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