regular pest control at home

Pests can be well…a pest! They complicate the lives of homeowners by destroying property and spreading disease. If you’re tired of pests in your home or want to keep pests at bay, we’ve got good news for you; pest control is just a phone call away! Most homeowners don’t realize what regular pest control services can do for them. Here are seven benefits homeowners can reap from having regular pest control visits that might make you rethink what you’re doing to keep them out of your house.

#1: Save Your Home’s Structural Integrity

Pests are well known to cause structural damage. Pests like termites can chew through siding, insulation, and even support beams in your home. Termites can easily eat between the wood in your walls, floors, or attics. 

An exterminator can check for signs of damage or destruction caused by pests. If pest control is done regularly, the treatment will keep them away from your home, so they don’t do any lasting damage. Pest control professionals know how to spot easily accessible entry points in your home and seal them up. Get ahead of the problem to avoid wasted time and money.

#2: Avoid Dangerous Diseases Which Can Harm You and Your Family

Pests can carry a variety of diseases, viruses, and bacteria into your home. Mice can spread listeria and salmonellosis in their droppings, leaving them in your pantry or cabinets. No one wants diseases and viruses in their pantry with their food!

Some pest control professionals will do a free home inspection to determine if you have any pest-related medical risks and suggest treatments designed for your situation. Most pest control professionals are trained in disease prevention, and they have licensed exterminators who know how to get rid of the pest problem or prevent them from happening altogether.

#3: Pest Control Can Protect Your Workplace!

Bugs are like pesky little friends who come into your house to take food from you. And if they find anything that looks good? They’re going to stay for dinner and invite their friends!

Bugs or rodents can infest your home or business (restaurants, break rooms in offices, or even your home pantry or cupboards). If you’re a business owner, you are expected to keep a clean and safe work environment for your employees, especially where they eat and store their food. Don’t let pests ruin your employee’s lunch hour and keep them outside and away from the office, where they belong.

#4: Pest Control Professionals Can Give You Valuable Tips

The internet is full of tips to keep your house safe from pests and tips on how to remove them. But do they help? Or do they just provide a temporary fix? A pest control professional can give you helpful suggestions based on your household and your specific situation that leave long-lasting results.

Once your exterminator becomes familiar with your property, they can provide you with steps for keeping bugs out. This way, their work will last longer until the next visit.

#5: Save Your Money From Serious Infestations

Infestations only get worse with time, so it’s better to deal with an infestation immediately rather than waiting until it gets severe or spreads throughout the entire house. This can lead to spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on an exterminator to remove the bugs and replace fixtures and furniture in your home. 

Preventative maintenance can go a long way and not only save you money but save you headaches!

#6: Maintain Your Property Value

One thing you must do before selling your home is to have it inspected. This reassures buyers that the house is structurally sound and in good shape. Pests can cause structural damage to your property and compromise the structural integrity of your home, which will surely come up in a home inspection.

Having a pest problem can cause a massive hit to the bottom dollar you could make on selling your home and scare the buyer from purchasing your home or cause a renegotiation of the purchase price. Make sure your inspections go through seamlessly and have regular pest control done before you decide to sell.

#7: Professional Pest Control Can Be Customized

It’s important to understand that not just the exterior of your home is different from every other house in your neighborhood, but so is the interior and the pests that could be in it. Inside, you may encounter problems unique only to you compared to the neighbors close by.

An exterminator can identify the weaknesses in your home’s exterior and interior. They will point out entryways where bugs, rodents, or any pests can make their way inside and seal them up, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Imagine being surrounded by bugs in a place that is supposed to be peaceful and tranquil—your home! You can’t sleep, and you’re constantly cleaning to get rid of them. Instead of using generic store-bought pest deterrents, exterminator services will stop this nightmare from continuing. A professional pest controller is trained for specific types & species so they know how best to prevent infestation while also getting rid of any current problem areas without excessive use of chemicals that could harm your family or your pets during treatment. An individualized plan will serve you and your wallet better than using the generic store-bought pest control products that you may have to repurchase time and time again.

Who should I call?

pest control for homesAt All American Pest Services, we take pride in being a full-service pest control company. We offer the latest technology and techniques for controlling pests. If you have been having trouble with rodents or insects, call us today! It is important to address these issues quickly because they can lead to bigger problems if left unresolved. Our team of specialists is trained in how your home may be more vulnerable than others and will help diagnose any potential problem areas that need attention before it becomes an infestation. Give us a call at (941) 202-9270 and see what our service has done for other homes like yours.