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Subterranean Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the U.S. 

Subterranean Termites primarily feed on wood, they also like paper goods, insulation, drywall, and filtration systems. Termites can damage trees and shrubs. Besides structural damage, subterranean termites can costs you thousands of dollars if the termites are left untreated.


Termite Infestation in Palmetto

In the Palmetto area, Subterranean Termites are a common problem. It’s important to identify with a thorough inspection if you see any signs or have any suspicions of termite activity. Its warm, humid climate and sandy soil make Palmetto a great home for most types of termites, especially subterranean. This time of year you may see a swarm around your home. It’s likely mating season, eggs have hatched or they are looking for a new place to colonize.

Signs that may indicate you have a subterranean termite problem:

  • Piles of “Frass” – If you see a pile a mixture of sawdust and termite waste (frass) near the wood of your home, look for irregularly shaped holes in the wood above the frass pile. It’s a sign you may have termites.
  • Mud Tubes – Inspect the foundation of your home. Look for dirt tubes running from the ground up under the siding of your home.
  • Soft or Cracked Wood – Unfortunately, this is how most homeowners discover a termite infestation. Termites feed on wood from the inside out, leaving a weak shell on the outside of the wood. Get professional help immediately if you discover wood that is soft or crumbles in your hand when you apply minimal pressure.
  • Fecal Droppings Inside the Home – If you see small holes in furniture or walls, probe the area to see if the fecal matter falls out of the holes. If you see additional droppings after cleaning, you may have an active colony.

If you see one or more of these signs in or around your home, call All-American Pest Services right away! We will help determine if you have subterranean termites and rectify the infestation no matter how severe. Want to be proactive? We also provide termite prevention services.  

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