Bed bugs are making a come back in Vamo, FL. This is because more and more people are traveling and bed bugs love to hitch a ride. Bed bugs are sneaky little buggers and the best at hiding. In most cases people don’t see them, but they suspect them because they wake up with small bites all over their bodies.In the past bed bugs were associated with overcrowding, transient or dirty environments. This is no longer the case. They can now be found in the cleanest living accommodations including top rated hotels and apartment buildings.

Due to changes in regulations, pesticides that previously were used to control these offending insects are no longer being used, which may also be a contributing factor to their resurgence.

Bed bug bites can range in appearance from small, flat or raised red welts to rashes, hives, or blisters. Bed bug bites usually cause itchiness. According to one study, the majority of tested bed bug sufferers (72%) reported having itchy red welts and the rest (28%) percent indicated itching in the absence of welts. Bed bugs like to bite all together in clusters. Bed bugs are nocturnal, but will bite anytime they are hungry. However, they prefer to feed at night while you sleep.

Some people in Vamo, FL may be at risk of developing a severe reaction to the bites. Individuals have been known to have allergic reactions which may include hives or asthma that need medical treatment. Scratching the bites can lead to infections.

If you suspect bed bugs, change your sheets to a lighter color because they do leave tell tale signs. Some of the signs include:

  • When you wake up, check your sheets for blood stains that are reddish or rusty colored in streaks or smears.
  • If you moved in your sleep you may have squashed one. So check for dead bugs.
  • Bed bug fecal matter will look like spots from a felt tip pen and bleed into the fabric.
  • Bed bug shells and shedded skin.
  • Pull back the covers quickly! You may actually see a bed bug or bugs.

Bed bugs can be very difficult to get rid of in Vamo, FL, especially if there is a large infestation. Your best bet is to hire All American Pest Service for cost and time efficient bed bug extermination. We will locate where they are hiding and determine the degree of infestation.

We use a number of tolls and strategies to determine if your home is infested with bedbugs. Using All American Pest Services early in the process can literally save you thousands of dollars down the road. The bed bug problem will just increase and get larger as time goes by.