Mice infestation grows rapidly so it’s important to tackle it before it turns into a much larger problem. An effective rodent control strategy typically involves the following:

  • Rodent Inspection for Signs of Infestation and Source of Entry
  • Rodent Proofing and Blocking Entrance
  • Population Reduction (Trapping and/or Baiting)
  • Monitoring for Ongoing Effectiveness

In the Siesta Key area, All American Pest Service provides expert rodent exterminating services for various types of rodent pests. If you believe you have rats, mice, or other rodents invading your home, attic or property call us today. We specialize in removing and exterminating rodent infestations from homes and businesses. We utilize specialized equipment for maximum rat control and mice extermination.

Rats and other rodents cause extensive damage to property. In order to build their nest they chew up electrical wires, drywall, insulation, and wood. Rats are known to chew through metal, plastic, wooden beams, joists, wallboard, and cardboard. The longer a rat infestation goes undetected, the greater financial damage they can wreak on your property with their incessant chewing. Worse than this, there have been instances where they chewed through wires and caused electrical fires. Also, while they work chewing up everything, they urinate and defecate along the way. Many have fleas which can spread to family pets, which then spread throughout your house. They have been known to bite and have no problem helping themselves to whatever food is in your pantry.

The worst of it is that they can spread disease through infected feces, fleas, mites, and bites.

In tropical climates like Siesta Key, Florida, homeowners and business owners regularly call for rodent control services. This is because rodents are highly prevalent in our warm weather. Once rodents establish a nest, they multiply quickly. So if you suspect you may have a problem, don’t hesitate, give us a call.

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The longer you wait to call a professional exterminator, the longer these pests pose a health risk. Contact All American Pest Services to get a solution tailored to your specific problem. No matter the size of your infestation, All American Pest Services can eliminate the problem. Call now for a free quote for your home or for identification and treatment options for pest management. We happily provide customized quotes for businesses across all industries.

For Professional Pest Treatment – All American Pest Services at 941-202-9270. We offer a free evaluation and treatment plan.

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