Exclusive Offer for all Current AAPest Customers

Declare your Independence from Mosquitos this Summer!

GROUND BREAKING TECHNOLOGY BACKED BY AWARD-WINNING SCIENCE INZECTO MOSQUITO TRAPS was invented & developed in association with the University of Florida & co-funded by the Pentagon to protect American deployed soldiers. These mosquito traps are brought to you exclusively from All American Pest Services. Tested and proven to be human, animal, and environmentally friendly.

These Mosquito Traps have a patented one-of-a-kind application that utilizes a micro-dose of pesticides embedded into the surface of the traps. These traps have been shown to prevent the spread of dangerous diseases such as Zika, West Nile, and many others.

  • ATTRACTS Females Mosquitoes with their Color, Shape, and Scent
  • KILLS 97% of Mosquitoes on Contact
  • PREVENTS 100% of Larvae from Developing
  • EFFECTIVE for Three (3) months
  • MORE EFFECTIVE at a lower cost compared to traditional treatments

Exclusive Introductory Offer

All American Pest Services will Deploy and Activate the mosquito, and make sure it is hung from a tree or placed on the ground in an appropriate location, to ensure the traps are always in the correct position to work most effectively.

With our Exclusive Introductory Offer, you will save $50 off the regular annual set-up service of $400 and will only be charged $350 to get started plus $20/month for mosquito service in addition to your pest service.

All you have to do is sit back and relax!

What Our Customers are saying

“I live in a very dense area surrounded by plants on two acres of land which is beautiful, but it comes with its pitfalls… MOSQUITOES, lots, and lots of mosquitoes. I even had them breeding in my drain line around my pool patio which I’ve never seen or heard of before. I called All American Pest Services and they brought over a new mosquito trap. At first, the traps were just placed in the pool area; on the waterfall, and in the corners of the pool patio, and within 2 weeks the mosquitos were gone. Since we had such good success in the pool area, we decided to install additional mosquito traps where our weight set is, and the mosquitos disappeared from that location too. Now we have the traps by our front door of the house and it’s keeping the mosquito population down there as well. I would recommend All American Pest Service to install the Inzecto mosquito traps to anyone.”

– Yvette A.

“I want to tell you that the Inzecto mosquito traps you put around our house are marvelous!! They have been in place for a month and I have not been bitten once in that time despite all the rain we have received. I look forward to AAPS continuing this service.”

–  Nancy B.