Since the early 2000s, bed bugs have been slowly returning to become a major pest in small and in major cities, especially as people begin traveling again. Bed bugs were under control in the past, but with the banning of chemicals like DDT they have had a chance to make a comeback. Oftentimes people don’t see the bugs themselves but notice the bites. If you are in Florida, All American Pest Services has effective treatment to help eliminate bed bugs while keeping you and your family safe.

Bed Bug Facts:

  • Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals.
  • Most bed bugs feed on human (or animal) blood while they are asleep.
  • The peak time for feeding is between midnight and 5 am.
  • Bites can be seen quickly or may take up to 14 days to become visible.
  • Bed bugs need to feed regularly to reproduce, lay eggs and survive.
  • Bed bugs like to bite all together in clusters.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation in Florida

As summer approaches, travel will increase and as a result, bed bugs are spread. Below are signs that you should look for that may indicate bed bugs are present:

  • Live Bed Bugs –Bedbugs are very small (about 5-6 mm in size), which is the size of an apple seed or smaller. They are flat, oval-shaped and a reddish-brown color. They have six legs and two antennae. They crawl but do not jump or fly.
  • Bed Bug Eggs –Eggs are very small, but are usually in clusters. They are pearly white or clear and about the size of a sesame seed.
  • Shed shell or skin –A bed bug sheds its skin in order to grow and move on to the next stage of their life cycle. This means they shed their out casings five times. You will see shells of different colors depending on the stage of life they are in. The shells look just like the bug.
  • Stains –Once a bed bugs take a blood meal, they defecate almost immediately. This leaves behind dark stains that look like a felt tip marker stain. You will also notice bloodstains that happen when the engorged bug is accidentally crushed.

How to Inspect for Presence of Bed Bugs

Remember that bed bugs are very small and incredibly good at hiding. They come out at night and stay out of sight during the day. When checking for bed bugs, you are not necessarily looking for bugs. You are trying to find signs that they have been there.

  • Bed including the mattress, frame, headboard, pillows, blankets, sheets, and box spring. Pull the bed away from the wall if possible to check behind the headboard.
  • Pull back the sheets quickly, you may actually see bed bugs.
  • Nightstands, both inside, and out.
  • Check the closets, and any extra blankets or pillows.
  • Any upholstered furniture, chairs, and sofas. If the sofa is a pull-out, open it up for a full inspection.
  • Check guest reviews! Even the best hotels have had issues with bed bugs. Ask the hotel staff if the matter has been dealt with.

Tips and tricks at hotels

  • Put your luggage and items on a chair or table rather than the bed or floor
  • Leave your clothing in your suitcase rather than putting it into drawers
  • Keep your suitcase closed unless you need something from it
  • Special suitcases have been designed to kill bed bugs and their eggs, should they ever sneak in! Here’s some information

Avoid bringing bed bugs into your home or rid your clothing of bed bugs

When you are ready to leave your hotel/lodging, place your clothing in plastic bags and seal them. Once home, take the bags out of your luggage outside (leave your bags outside for now) and put the laundry into the washing machine. Use the hottest water and heat settings possible to wash and dry your clothes. Be sure you check your clothing labels to avoid ruining clothing. Bed bugs die when Put clean clothes into new plastic sealed bags until you are sure there are no other bed bugs.

Since bed bugs die when the temperature reaches between around 120 degrees, this process will help kill any that are hidden in your clothing.

Note: Killing bed bugs on surfaces requires a much hotter temperature since they hide deep in grooves and other nooks and crannies.

Rid your luggage of bed bugs

While outside, vacuum every part of your luggage – pretend you’re a bug and hiding, where would you be? Vacuum. When finished, put the vacuum’s contents into a bag, tie it closed, and put it into your outside garbage bin. Use a hard scrubber brush to clean your suitcase with hot water and soap. Let it dry. If possible, putting the entire bag into a plastic sealed bag so that an expert can check it.

 Did a Bed Bug Bite Me? What Should I Do?!

Although most people do not feel the actual bite, bed bug bites typically result in red, round spots that produce some itchiness and inflammation. Bites range from small and flat to raised red welts to rashes, hives, or blisters. The bed bug bites are often in lines of three or more and have raised centers. Sometimes they can cause moderate to severe allergic reactions but most bites will clear up on their own in about a week. Avoid scratching to avoid risk of infection. If you find yourself hypersensitive to bites and develop more severe symptoms including but not limited to hives, blisters, or infection, it’s best to see a doctor.

There is good news if you believe your hotel had bed bugs. Bed bugs tend to come out only at night and are well hidden by morning. If you think your hotel had bed bugs, it does NOT mean that you now have them. The previous section has specific information on keeping bed bugs from entering your home after a hotel stay.

It’s nice to know someone…

If you are in Siesta Key area and suspect bed bugs, give All American Pest Control a call today. We have expertise in using the proper equipment and strategies to determine if your home is infested with bed bugs. We also know what to do next! Calling today can literally save you thousands of dollars so don’t wait until tomorrow.

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